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Purr Gato Press Photo

Photo by Michael Krogemann

“Marked by ethereal vocals, seductive melodies and deeply rooted bass lines, the band’s sound draws from a distinct range of influences– post-punk 70’s, British synthpop of the 80’s and downbeat club of the 90’s– and redefines them for the contemporary listener.”

— Katy Bourne

Purr Gato

Electronics, lights, fog, driving synth lines and emerging, ethereal vocals.  Purr Gato makes you want to move and feel, groove and sway, get lost in the beats that vibrate through every fiber of your being. They take you on a journey through lost love, found love, a ride on the roller coaster of self discovery, self acceptance and coping with the outside forces that guide you.

"We are post-punk 70’s, dark-wave 80’s, downbeat club 90’s, and Trip hop of 00’s."


Purr Gato, is an original soul-synth-wave band, that calls Seattle their home. When you listen, you might think they garner inspiration from acts like Depeche Mode, or The Knife. Core band members include songwriter Katrina Kope (vox/synth), Tyler Kope (synths), and Devin Bews (abelton push/acoustic drums).

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